Graduates of the Life Improvement Courses describe how these courses transform lives
On the How to Achieve Self-Confidence course I realized it is possible to control my environment based on how I regard myself. Before I took this course, I had gone to the bottom of the emotional tone scale. Now, I no longer judge myself based on the opinions of others and this has put me back in good condition.
On the Successfully Parenting Tweens & Teens course, I learned data that was the reverse of what I had thought was correct. I discovered that I needed to allow young people freedom of ideas and also the opportunity to contribute their help to the family and others. This lets them to be part of the game of life. —Sakaino K
This course gave me critical data on ethics and the honor of discipline. Studying the Personal Values & Integrity course I was able to understand where my negative feelings about people around me came from. I also learned how important it is to control my own emotions—rather than give in to anger or fear, it is best to maintain a calm attitude. —Yu Ren
I manage several shops so I took the Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life course in order to improve the state of the shops I run. Studying the social and antisocial characteristics of people increased my understanding of their behavior. I could deal with employees much more effectively—handling the ones who do not do their jobs well and praising the ones who care about their work. As a result, the sales at the shops I manage increased by 200% over the past year. —Kurita Y