Read how Dianetics is making positive changes in people’s lives
To improve my relationship with by boss, I decided to do the Dianetics Seminar. I was not disappointed. I always knew how to do my job the way my boss directed me, but after being told my work was not good, I had lost my motivation to produce. In the seminar, I discovered my problem did not come from the boss, but from me. Dianetics helped me realize that my boss needed more communication from me, and how to deal with things in my workplace. A friend who had not seen me in a long time said, “You have changed.” I know it is because my responsibility has risen.
With Dianetics, I handled hatred I had for myself since childhood. In my auditing session, I discovered that the source of my self-denial came from a prenatal incident when my mother was ill and I was also affected. When I saw this, that self-hatred disappeared! I am now calm and do not deny myself happiness. —Reiko E
In the Dianetics Seminar, I learned about the analytical mind and the reactive mind. I understood how things that are in the reactive mind can be moved into the analytical mind. After this, I saw that it was possible to help my friends and this gave me hope for a better future. I also saw how everyone alive is somewhere on the emotional Tone Scale. I want to help people so they can stay high-toned. I also want to remove all my engrams so that I can achieve the state of Clear! —Yamatouta I
My life has become effortlessly happy with Dianetics. For a long time, I was troubled with family relationships. Because of being unnecessarily scolded a lot as a child, I was irritable with my husband all the time and my conversations with him were of few words. I traced my problem back to an incident that happened in elementary school. My tension and nervousness came from this. Fears I had then were affecting my marriage and keeping me from talking to my husband. Now my family life is happy. —Misae I
I am talking about Dianetics every day, and inviting a lot of people to come to a future seminar. Dianetics solved my relationship problem. I was curious about the subconscious, but nothing I was studying in psychology illuminated this. I got to the heart of the information I was looking for in Dianetics. My relationship was not working and it was worrying me because I did not have good communication in my two previous relationships, which did not last long. In my Dianetic auditing session, a pain in my stomach turned on. I returned to a prenatal incident, and, as I went through it, the pain disappeared! My communication problems in my relationship were also handled with this auditing. —Misao N, Masseur
What is Dianetics?
The painful experiences of our past clearly have an effect upon our present behavior. But to what degree, and why?

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